Organization:Burnett Educatonal Bookmarkers & Spectrum Partners, LLC
Organization Mission:

As one of the region’s leading Black artists and the nation’s top artist in hatching, the goal is to bring famous Black Americans back to life in our history lessons, such as Dr. Charles R. Drew, the discoverer of plasma for blood banks and Garrett Morgan invented the gas mask and the traffic light. Harriet Tubman, Tulsa Oklahoma, Gordon Parks, Benjamin Banneker and Thurgood Marshall are too important to be forgotten.

Accordingly, I would like to provide the opportunity to introduce Burnett Educational Bookmarkers™ to all young people. These bookmarkers have already been recognized by area educational leaders as instrumental supplemental aids to teachers, particularly within hard-bitten school districts like Camden, New Jersey. This effort is teamed with Spectrum Partners, LLC from a technology perspective.

Project Coordinator NameANGELA JENKINS