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Signature Site List
The primary contact for your participation at signature site should be listed on your signature site application. All information about preparing for and participating in signature site events will be sent to the primary contact.
Signature Site Countdown Meetings are filled with information necessary for your participation at Girard College. Regardless of whether you are participating in service projects, workshops, the civic engagement expo, jobs fair, or kids' carnival, there are important announcements and resources available at these meetings. To see our upcoming meetings and RSVP, see here.
See our resources page here or in the menu at the top of the page for project ideas, information on our One King Day, One King Book Program, and more.
Projects hosted at Girard College are meant to be impactful, but they also need to be mobile. Try to think of projects that can meaningfully take advantage of the volunteers present while also considering the logistics of transporting your materials and equipment in and out of the school campus. For some help thinking of these ideas, consider looking at our Project Development Kit or calling our offices at 215-851-1811.
Many people come to Girard College to serve on the King Day of Service. With this in mind, think of the ways you might be able to use more people to help you achieve more for your service project, or how you might be able to take on a bigger task with the help you'll have available to you.
To be part of the events at Girard College, make sure you fill out a Signature Site application. Events at Girard College include Service Projects, Kids' Carnival, Jobs Fair, Civic Engagement Expo, and Workshops. To learn more about the ways you can participate at Girard College on King Day, click here.
Global Citizen's Director of Programs and Partnerships manages the events at Girard College. To confirm your project submission, ask any questions, or learn more about King Day at Girard College, please call 215-851-1805 or email
To prepare for the events at Girard College for King Day, you should attend as many Signature Site Countdown Planning Meetings as possible. These meetings provide valuable information and resources, including parking passes, to make sure you are fully prepared for the day of service. You can RSVP for these meetings here.
The best way for you to be prepared for King Day at Girard College is to sign up to set up your designated space the weekend before the King Day of Service. If you set up early, volunteers will be available to help you set up your things, you can acclimate yourself to your space, and Global Citizen staff will be available to answer any questions you may have prior to Monday. If you do not take advantage of setting up early, you will be responsible for setting up your space the morning of King Day and staff may not be available to assist you. To sign up for a time to load-in the weekend before King Day, please click here.
The events at Girard College officially kick-off at 8am, but exhibitors and coordinators need to be fully set up and prepared prior to that time. Factor in extra time to arrive because of the limited parking and security measures put in place at the school for that day.
Once things kick-off at Girard College, it's your time to accomplish what you set out to do for the King Day of Service. Keep in mind that things begin to wrap up around 12:30pm (you should begin your reflection activity around noon). Lunch will be distributed toward the end of the day by designated volunteers. Please do not send individuals or yourself to retrieve lunches for your group.
Help tie your activity back to Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy by leading a reflection exercise toward the end of the event. You can get a copy of this activity here.
Once you have completed your reflection activity and gotten lunch, you need to begin loading out the materials and equipment you brought with you. All coordinators/exhibitors should have entered Girard College through the back gate of the school and received a wristband. This wristband enables you to bring your vehicle onto campus to retrieve your materials in the event that parking was not available for you.
After completing your participation at Girard College, we invite you to join us for our Project Coordinator's Thank You Breakfast, which is traditionally held the Tuesday after the week of King Day at Girard College. At this breakfast, we will show our gratitude to you--our partners--, show clips of news coverage, and gather stories and feedback from everyone so we can celebrate the accomplishment and create better plans for the following year's King Day. RSVP for this event here.
We continue to support our partners all year round with our MLK365 and Mission365 programs. To partner with us throughout the year, consider attending a Neighbors in Action Community Leadership Workshop or posting your events on our website,
It's never too early to sign up for participation at our Signature Site. After completing your King Day of Service activity for the current year, we encourage you to look forward to the following year and apply to be at the Signature Site once again.
We have launched our new volunteer portal for King Day 2021!Click Here