About Global Citizen and the King Day of Service

Global Citizen is a non-profit organization dedicated to civic engagement among diverse groups through volunteering, education, community building, service learning, economic opportunity, leadership development, and dialogue. Global Citizen brings together people of all ages and backgrounds through active citizenship and civic responsibility that result in breaking down barriers, building understanding, and fostering ongoing, diverse partnerships.

You can learn more about Global Citizen by visiting our website. You can learn more about Global Citizen and its connection to the King Day of Service here.

About King Day Registration

Why register?

Global Citizen, as the host of the Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service, is responsible for tracking King Day data throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. If you are planning a King Day of Service activity, project, or program in this area, then registering with Global Citizen allows you to be part of the data and narrative submitted to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

More information about the different types of registrations are below.

Registering Community Projects

What does registering a community project mean?

Registering a community project means providing Global Citizen with your service data prior to the King Day of Service to become part of the national story of service on that day.

What qualifies as a community project?

If you are organizing a service project in the month of January as part of the King Day of Service, you are qualified as a community project coordinator. To ensure an accurate record of the King Day of Service, we strongly encourage you to register on this website.

What does registering a community project do?

Registering a community project on our website is first and foremost a recording of your service data for the King Day of Service that will go to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Beyond recording your project information, Global Citizen offers free services, such as t-shirts and volunteer matching services, to those that request and qualify for them.

Registering a Signature Site Project

What does registering a Signature Site Project mean?

Registering for a Signature Site Project means you are interested in taking part in the events Global Citizen is planning for the King Day of Service. In recent history, this means participating in events occurring at Girard College on the King Day of Service.

What are the events occurring at Girard College on the King Day of Service?

Global Citizen hosts a variety of events at Girard College for the King Day of Service, including service projects, a kids’ carnival, a civic engagement expo, workshops, a jobs fair, and a health and wellness expo.

What qualifies as a Signature Site Project?

If you are interested in participating in any of the events listed in the answer to the question above on the day of service, you qualify as someone that should register a signature site project.


Project Follow-Up

What is project follow-up?

Project follow-up is a necessary component of the King Day of Service registration process. It is our staff’s way of ensuring that your project registration is accurately representing the data recorded for the King Day of Service.

Because of this, it is common for project coordinators to receive communications from Global Citizen staff after submitting a registration in order to confirm your information.

What kinds of registrations require follow-up?

Common causes for follow-up on project registrations include, but are not limited to:

  • Registering multiple project types as one registration
  • Incomplete project information
  • Unclear project description
  • Requesting more volunteers than are listed as the total

Why can’t I register my projects as one big group?

As part of the data tracking for the King Day of Service, Global Citizen is responsible for capturing service data by project type. Project registrations that combine project types prevent our organization from being able to accurately record the amount of service being done in each category.

What if registering each project by type creates a lot of project registrations for me to enter?

Global Citizen Staff can assist project coordinators with registering their multiple projects by taking their project information via phone or email and entering it for you.


IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no plan to hold a t-shirt lottery for the 2021 King Day of Service. Click here for more information and updates about how COVID-19 is affecting the upcoming day of service.

Information about the t-shirt lottery can be found here.

When is the t-shirt priority deadline?

The t-shirt priority deadline is December 1. Any projects submitted after this date will not receive priority for the t-shirt lottery.

What is the t-shirt priority deadline?

The t-shirt priority deadline is a specific date set by Global Citizen to help us determine the distribution strategy for t-shirts for the King Day of Service every year. Projects submitted before the t-shirt priority deadline give us ample time to review your project registration and t-shirt request.

If I miss the t-shirt priority deadline is it “too late to register?”

No! It’s never too late to register! Global Citizen works to track service data in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, so if you’re doing something for the King Day of Service in the region, we want to know about it, even if it gets registered past our t-shirt priority deadline. Even if you don’t get shirts, you can still get free volunteer-matching services and be part of the national story of service.

Projects registered after the t-shirt priority deadline may still receive shirts, though sizes and quantities may vary based on availability.

Where do I put in my order for t-shirts?

There is no order for t-shirts. If you are a project coordinator and wish to receive shirts, you can note your interest in shirts after your project has been approved by Global Citizen staff. Global Citizen will attempt to match quantities of shirts with your total volunteer numbers. Sizes for shirts will be assigned based on availability.

When/Where is t-shirt pickup?

The pickup time and location for t-shirts is announced only to coordinators that will be receiving t-shirts. Communication about picking up shirts is made available in mid-December.

Can I get t-shirts shipped?

Yes! If you supply us with a FedEx number, we can send t-shirts to you. Please note that coordinators requesting shirts to be shipped will be asked to pay for the shipping cost upon arrival.

Using the Website

Why doesn’t my username and password work?

We have recently launched a new volunteer portal for managing all Global Citizen volunteer opportunities, including the Martin Luther King Day of Service. Everyone will have to make new accounts to use this new service.