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Coordinator List
When planning a King Day of Service project, please designate a project coordinator who will serve as the point of contact for Global Citizen and volunteers. Please make sure accurate contact information for this coordinator is used in your project registration.
To familiarize yourself with the King Day of Service, learn more about Global Citizen, or get some ideas for what kind of projects to plan, consider registering to attend a Neighbors in Action Community Leadership Workshop or King Day of Service Briefing. You can register for these events here.
See our resources page here or in the menu at the top of the page for project ideas, information on our One King Day, One King Book Program, and more.
After attending a briefing and/or examining our resources section, you should have the tools you need to begin generating a project idea. For the King Day of Service, a wide variety of activities can be registered. There are so many ways to serve! If you have a particular question about whether a project or activity idea fits as part of the King Day of Service, please reach out to Global Citizen at 215-851-1811 or
Global Citizen can help you recruit volunteers for your project, so consider expanding the scope or capacity of your King Day of Service project to accommodate individuals looking to serve on this day. Our website provides volunteer-matching services that can help you get the people you need to accomplish your project.
Once you have determined your project coordinator, your idea, and your project capacity, please register your project here.
After registering your project, please make sure it shows up in your dashboard. If it does not show up, it may still be under review from Global Citizen staff. The best way to confirm your registration status is to contact Global Citizen at 215-851-1811 or
If you marked "yes" under We can recruit volunteers for your project using our online system. Would you like us to recruit volunteers for your project? on your project registration form, your project should appear on the volunteer page of this website for volunteers to view and sign up for your project. When they sign up, you should receive an email that contains the volunteer's contact information. Please make sure you reach out to them to confirm their sign up and communicate any additional information necessary for them to serve effectively on King Day. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at 215-851-1805 or
If you marked "yes" under Would you like to request t-shirts for your service project? on your project registration form, you will be entered into the T-Shirt Lottery and be notified if you are selected via email. Due to the limited supply of shirts, you may or may not be selected to receive shirts. Further, if you are selected to receive shirts, you may not get enough shirts for your total amount of volunteers. Additional details surrounding t-shirt pickup will be sent along in the email. If you have other questions about t-shirts, please consult our FAQ section.
Upon completion of your service project, you will be asked to submit outcomes data for your project. To be prepared, please create tracking documents so that you can measure your outcomes accurately. Outcomes may include total volunteers, number of people served, number of veterans present, and other quantifiable results (e.g. # of trash bags collected, etc.) Some of these tracking materials can be found in our resources section. Please note that accurate and timely submittal of outcomes can better your t-shirt lottery chances for the following King Day.
By being part of the Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service, we want to make sure your story of service can be accurately told to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Try to track as much information about your project as possible so you can report out effectively in our outcomes report forms. Please note that accurate and timely submittal of outcomes can better your t-shirt lottery chances for the following King Day.
After completing your participation at Girard College, we invite you to join us for our Project Coordinator's Thank You Breakfast, which is traditionally held the Tuesday after the week of King Day at Girard College. At this breakfast, we will show our gratitude to you--our partners--, show clips of news coverage, and gather stories and feedback from everyone so we can celebrate the accomplishment and create better plans for the following year's King Day. RSVP for this event here.
We continue to support our partners all year round with our MLK365 and Mission365 programs. To partner with us throughout the year, consider attending a Neighbors in Action Community Leadership Workshop or posting your events on our website,
After the day of service, this website should update to allow for you to submit outcomes reports on your projects. Please fill out one of these forms for each entry you have and provide as much information as possible from what you documented as outcomes. Please note that accurate and timely submittal of outcomes can better your t-shirt lottery chances for the following King Day.
We have launched our new volunteer portal for King Day 2021!Click Here